Technical iodine

Appearance: crystalline product of gray-black color with a metallic gloss, and a size of pieces of about 30 mm.

Application: Used for the production of synthetic rubber, chemical reagents, medical preparations, rare metals, as well as in the production of dyes, in the film and photo industry and specialty chemistry.

Packaging: Iodine is packed into cardboard stuffed drums as per GOST 8777-80, type 1 ЛИИ П, with a capacity of max 28 liters, min 5 mm thick plywood bottom and an insert made of polyethylene film, as well as in polypropylene barrels as per GOST 8777-80, with a capacity of 25 liters, and an insert of polyethylene lavsan film, net weight - 50 kg.

Marking: Transport marking - according to TDS-14192 with attached handling instructions “Keep away from heat”, “Protect from moisture”, and “Vacuum packing” and additional signs describing the products.

Transportation: Iodine is transported by any type of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with the cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.

Storage: Iodine is stored packed in covered warehouses, preventing from direct sunlight on the container with the product.

Physical and chemical features

  Parameter name 


Grade «А»

1. Iodine content, %, min

2. Chloride and bromide content, %, max

3. Organic Matter Content, %, max

4. Residue on ignition, %, max

5. Water content, %, min






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