Electrolyte for acid batteries

Specification        TŞ 00203743-09-2015

The electrolyte for acid batteries (hereinafter referred to as electrolyte) is intended for filling lead batteries in motor transport establishments and retail.

The electrolyte is a colorless transparent liquid without solid particles visible to the naked eye.

Packaging: Bottom and sides of a bottle weighing (40±1) or (50±1) kg are lined with straw or soft wood chips. The weight of each piece in one batch must be the same.

The electrolyte is packed into glass bottles or flasks (0080+0.01), (1.40+0.02), (1.50+0.02), (1.70+0.02) kg or similar bottles made as per TŞ-6-09-5472. The bottles are closed using seal screw polyethylene or plastic caps in accordance with the current reference documentation.

Bottles or flasks are packed into dense wooden boxes according to TDS -17573 with plywood partitions forming cells. Empty spaces of the cells are filled with shavings or sawdust, and then the lid is nailed.

Marking: Gross and net weights, production date, shelf life, designations of these specifications and the conformity mark.

Transportation and storage: The electrolyte packaged into plastic drums, canisters, bottles and glass bottles is transported by motor or rail transport in accordance with the cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.

The electrolyte must be stored in rubberized containers, as well as in plastic barrels, canisters, bottles and glass bottles in which it was transported, in a covered storage space.

The electrolyte must not be stored in the same room with foodstuff.

Physical and chemical features:

Parameter name


Density at 20 0С, g/cm3

1,270 + 0,005

Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, max


Mass fraction of residue on ignition, %, max 


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