Potassium iodate

Appearance: white crystalline powder, soluble in water, strong oxidizing agent, explodes on impact when mixed with organic compounds.

Application: Used in laboratory practice as a reagent and additive to iodize table salt.

Packaging: The product is packed and labeled in accordance with TDS-3885-73.

Type of containers: 2t-1, 2t-2, 2t-4.

Packing group: III, IV, V, VI, VII - max 10 kg.

Transportation: By all modes of transport in accordance with the cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.

Storage: Store in the manufacturer’s packaging in covered warehouses, separately from flammable substances and combustible materials.

Physical and chemical indicators:

Physical and chemical features 

Parameter name 


Analytical reagent grade (a.r.g)

1. Mass fraction of potassium iodate (KJO3), %, min

2. Mass fraction of water-insoluble substances, %, max

3. Mass fraction of total nitrogen (N), %, max

4. Mass fraction of iodide and free iodine (J), %, max

5. Mass fraction of sulphates (SO4). %, max

6. Mass fraction of chlorides, bromides and chlorates (Cl), %, max

7. Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, max

8. Mass fraction of heavy metals (Рb), %, max

9. Mass fraction of natrium (Na), %, max

10. рН preparation solution with 5% mass fraction



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