Tread grade carbon black

Appearance: product of thermo-oxidative or thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons in the gas phase

Application: The product is used as an amplifier in the production of rubber for the national economy and export.

Packaging: Paper bags according to TDS-2226 of types PM and BMP with open or closed (with valve) neck, plastic bags as per TDS-17811 with closed (with valve) neck and soft special containers according in accordance with the current regulatory instruments.

Marking: For marking tread grade carbon black, a red strip is applied on both sides of a paper bag throughout the length. The identification of the relevant tread grade carbon black grade must be shown in block letters in the gap of each strip of the same color.

The yellow strips must be used when marking polyethylene bags for packing tread grade carbon black of all grades.

Transportation: To be transported in universal containers or transportation packages in covered vehicles in accordance with the cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.

Storage: Tread grade carbon black must be stored under conditions preventing the possibility of moisture and contamination. Unpacked tread grade carbon black must be stored in special bunker warehouses.

Physical and chemical features:

Parameter name 

К-354 Rate 

1. Specific geometric surface area, m2/g


5. Specific adsorption surface area, m2/g

Max  150

7. Water suspension рН 


8. Mass fraction of losses at 1050С, %, max


9. Ash content, %, max


10. Mass fraction of residue, %, max, after passing through a sieve with perforation size 0.14:



1. The rate is as per indicator 8 for grade K-354, manufactured by the Khazar chemical plant, max 2.0%.

2. The rates as per indicator 10 on a 014 perforation size sieve are determined by the consumer as appropriate.

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