Magnesium chloride

Appearance: Flaked industrial magnesium chloride (bishofite) obtained by complex processing of the Garabogaz brine.

Application: The product is intended for the chemical, energy and other industries, as well as construction.

Packaging: The product is packed into special disposable soft containers, re-usable and multiple use types MKR-1.OS; MKO-1.OS; MKR-1.OM; MK-1.OL; MK-1.5L according to the current regulatory instruments or into plastic bags as per TDS-17811, enclosed in flax-jute-kenaf bags according to TDS-30090.

Marking: Transportation marking as per TDS-14192 with the application of a handling inscription “Keep Dry” to the bags, as well as a danger sign according to TDS-19433 (class 9, subclass 9.2, category 922).

Transportation: To be transported by undercarriage shipments by all types of covered vehicles in accordance with the cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.

Storage: The product must be stored in closed warehouses, packed into containers, in container yards.

Physical and chemical features:

Parameter name 



Flakes of white to light gray color with shades to light brown  

2. Mass fraction of manganese ions (Mg+2), %, min, including MgСlх 6H2O, %, min



3. Mass fraction of sulfate ions (SO4-2), %, max


4. Mass fraction of alkali metal ions (Na+ + K+), %, max


5. Mass fraction of water-insoluble residue, %, max


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