"Khazar" chemical plant

"Khazar" chemical plant (earlier Cheleken chemical plant) has been in operation since 1933. The given enterprise was one of the leading enterprises in iodine production not only in Turkmenistan but also in the former USSR.

In the beginning the enterprise produced iodine by the method of coal absorption. Iodine was started to be manufactured in in production quantities in 1938. In 1969 the installation for production of iodine by method of coal absorption with annual capacity of 225 tons was put into operation and it was uninstalled in 1995. In 1963-1969 for the first time the industrial unit for production of iodine by method of air desorption with annual capacity of 110 tons.  In 1985 experimental-industrial installation in titanic execution (API) with an annual capacity of 120 tons of technical iodine was launched and from 1994 it started to produce iodine brand «Ch» with annual capacity of 50 tons.

Besides the technical iodine and iodine brand «Ch» Khazar chemical plant is designed for manufacture of the following assortment of production;

- potassium iodide;

- potassium iodate;

- carbon black;

- bleaching agent «Ap-ak»

- calcium hypochlorite;

- industrial oxygen.

The production line for potassium iodide with an annual capacity of 330 tons was launched into operation in 1976.Тprodction of iodine brands «AGR» and «FK» was also adjusted.

In 1989 at the operating processing line of potassium iodide the technology of production of potassium iodate for animal husbandry developed by the Open Joint-Stock Company «Yodobrom» (Ukraine) with an annual capacity of 45 tons was installed. In 1996 the technology of potassium iodate brand AGR was developed and introduced. The given product is used for iodization of table salt. The major consumer of the given product is «Guwlyduz» plant of «Turkmenkhimiya» SC.

The processing lien for bleaching agent «Ap-ak» with an annual capacity of 100 tons was installed on the basis of development of specialists of Khazar plant in 1988.

In 1997 the experimental-industrial unit for production of 10% solution of calcium hypochlorite with an annual capacity of 20 tons was commissioned into operation. The product is used for chlorination of drinking water.

In 1998 the workshop for production of carbon black was also given to Khazar chemical plant. Now carbon black along with iodine enjoys a great demand of consumers.

The first stage of the production line for carbon black brand «К-354» with an annual capacity of 9400 tons was launched into operation in 1964, and second one with an annual capacity of 10 000 tons in 1974.

Khazar chemical plant also includes Jebel chemical base which is designed for storage of chemical goods and raw materials.

At present with a view of complete reconstruction of raw materials basis and increase in the production volume of iodine and bromide production «Turkmenkhimiya» SC has carried out the outcome of the international tender and holds negotiations with foreign investors on construction of a new plant with an annual capacity of 300 tons of iodine and 4500 tons of bromine and bromic products at the basis of Cheleken deposit of iodide-bromine waters.

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