«Maryazot» Production Association

«Maryazot» Production Association is the first industrial enterprise in Turkmenistan to start manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers. It was commissioned into operation in 1984. The main type of production of the enterprise is ammonium nitrate (full capacity -450 tons annually).  Here are also two workshops for production of ammonium with a full capacity of 600 tons a day and a workshop for nitric acid (a full capacity of 1080 tons of weak nitric acid a day). In 2005 the research workshop for production of coagulant (ferric sulfate) with a capacity of 4, 5 tons a day was commissioned. In 2006 production of soda ash with a full capacity of 2 tons a day was also launched.

At present the assortment of products manufactured at the association includes the following:

   - ammonium nitrate;

   - ammonium;

   - nitric acid;

   - liquid nitrogen;

   - liquid oxygen;

   - polypropylene bags;

   - soda ash;

    - coagulant (ferric sulfate).

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