Garabogaz Ammonia and Urea Production Plant

In accordance with decree № 13811 of the President of Turkmenistan of August 16, 2014, «Turkmenkhimiya» SC concluded a turnkey contract with the consortium of companies «Mitsubishi Corporation» (Japan) and «GAP Inşaat Yatirim ve Diş Ticaret A.Ş.» (Turkey) for construction of the Urea Production Plant with an annual capacity of 1155 tons in Garabogaz city of Balkan region.

The project envisages application of the latest advanced technologies, modern equipment and materials. So, licensors of the technology of production of ammonia is company «Haldor Topsoe» (Denmark), urea production – «Saipem» (Italy) and granular urea – «Uhde Fertilizers Technologies» (the Netherlands). These companies are world leading leaders in these areas.

Management of technological process is fully automated on the basis of software of one of the leading companies of the world in this area such as «Yokogawa» (Japan), «Honeywell» (USA), and «Siemens» (Germany).

Upon realisation of the project the great attention is given to ecological aspects. Key requirements fro   designed projects are presence of control devices in all points of emissions into the atmosphere. Concentration of polluting substances in the atmospheric air, caused by the enterprise’s emissions, will not exceed the recognised international standards.

Supply of agriculture with highly effective mineral fertilizers is of great importance in growth of productivity of cultivated crops, which are essential for maintenance of food abundance of the country and development of forage reserve of animal industries and poultry farming.

Realisation of the given production completely is provided for export, increasing currency earnings of the country.

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