"Tejenkarbamid" plant

It is one of the first factories for manufacture of carbamide in Turkmenistan. It was installed in 2005 in Tejen city according to the decision of the President of Turkmenistan of May 7, 2001 by the company «GAP Inşaat Yatirim ve Di ş Ticaret A. Ş. » (Turkey). The designed annual capacity of the urea factory makes up 350 000 tons.

 Thanks to the wisdom and vision of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov in Turkmenistan a systematic work on development and effective application of the advanced technologies in all industries that allows using most rationally enormous resources of the country for the benefit of Turkmen people is carried out.

At the urea factory in Tejen city the advanced equipment allowing using the most progressive technological development in urea manufacture was installed. The technological process provides all-around automation of manufacture according to the latest achievements in this area. The control over operation of all technological process is carried out from the central point of management. A full automation of the production cycle allows reducing an aggregate number of service personnel in the factory considerably.

Upon designing and building of the plant strict requirements of the world standards on environment protection were considered.

As licensors of technological processes applied at the factory the world famous companies act:

 - for manufacture of ammonia - KRUPP UHDE (Germany);

 - for manufacture of urea  - Stamikarbon (Netherlands);

 - for distillation of carbonic gas - UOP (USA);

 - for granular urea  - HydroFertilizer (Norway).

 The following foreign companies such as Mitsubishi (Japan), ManTurbo (Germany), York (Germany) and etc. took part in delivery of manufacturing equipments.

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