"Garabogazsulfat" Production Association

"Garabogazsulfat" operates on the basis of a unique mineral deposit, a gulf of Garabogazgol, the development of which began in 1924. Industrial production was organised here in 1929. This is a unique place in the world where in usual natural conditions crystallisation of various mineral salts takes place in large scales.  At the initial stage development of the gulf was limited to gathering of natural sulphate of sodium from discharges of mirabilite. And in the early seventies of the last century development of manufacture of sulphate of sodium by industrial way began. Technological capacities of manufacture of industrial sulphate of sodium in "Garabogazsulfat" make up 237, 5 thousand tons a year (Brand A) and sulphate of sodium - 66, 5 thousand tons a year (Brand B). Sodium sulphate is applied in the paper, chemical, pulp-and-paper, glass industry and also in manufacture of synthetic washing detergents, textile, tanning, iron and steel industry.

In 1966 the workshop for manufacture of bischofite (magnesium chloride) was commissioned into operation.  As raw materials for development of bischofite serves chlorine magnesium brine - a product of concentration of mirabilite manifolds in the summer period. In 1992 a new bischofite workshop started to operate. The established capacity of bischofite production makes up 100 thousand tons a year. Bischofite is applied in chemical (for manufacture of magnesium chlorate defoliant, metal magnesium, and hydrochloric acid), power (as an additive to the sulphurous black oils burnt on thermal power station), and textile industries and also for preparation of drilling mud. In 1989 there began production of release balneal bischofite, applied in medicine for treatment of inflammatory diseases of joints and backbone.

In 1979 at "Garabogazsulfat" PA manufacture of medicinal Glauber's salts was adjusted. The basic areas of its application - pharmacology, veterinary science, dyeing of fabrics and electrolysis processes.

On the basis of use of mixed salts saved in natural foundation pits in 1980 manufacture of sea salt applied as strengthening and sedative started.

In 1986 the technological line for manufacture of industrial epsomite with an annual capacity of 31 thousand tons started. Epsomite is applied in manufacture of synthetic detergents, protection of main pipelines against soil corrosion and also as micro fertilizer and so forth.

The richest reserves of the unique gulf of Garabogazgol allow adjusting in addition here the building of variety chemical (potash fertilizers, magnesium oxide, metal magnesium and so forth) and pharmaceutical manufactures (medicinal salts, preparations and etc.). For today "Garabogazsulfat" PA produces: sodium sulphate (brand A and brand B) and bischofite.

Turkmen chemists develop a number of technologies on rational use of intercrystalline brines and hydrochloric brine of the Gulf for the purpose of obtaining of a whole complex of valuable chemical products.

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