List of required documents for foreign legal entities

  • An application to the State Concern "Turkmen chemistry" indicating the name, legal form of the legal entity, its location and other data, in accordance with the established model (Provided);
  • Copies of constituent documents - the Articles of Association (the declared type of activity should be reflected in the Articles of Association), the articles of incorporation (for business companies, joint ventures), the register, an extract from the state registration certificate (certified in the established manner);
  • Copies of documents confirming that the applicant has a license belonging to him on the right of ownership, lease or on any other legal basis of buildings, premises providing storage of chemical products (with the presentation of the original documents), copies of documents confirming ownership of the building, premises of the Lessor (when renting) buildings, premises);
  • A copy of the Safety Certificate for the warehouse;
  • A copy of the certificate of the sanitary-epidemiological service at the warehouse;
  • Copy of the Fire Safety Certificate to the warehouse;
  • A copy of the protocol for testing knowledge of labor protection rules and safety standards for specialists in the storage and sale of chemical products (drawn up by the Main State Service “Turkmenstandartlary”);
  • Information on previously obtained licenses for the import, production and sale of chemical products (if any);
  • A copy of the letter of approval of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan (when applying for a license giving the right to carry out activities for the import and sale of ozone-depleting substances);
  • A power of attorney or order certifying the authority of the representative of the license applicant;
  • Copies of documents are accepted with the presentation of the original.

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