Ammonium superphosphate

Specifications T S 00203743-8-2003

The present specifications extend to superphosphate ammonium (further ammonium superphosphate) granulated, intended for agriculture as complex fertilizer of prolonged action on the basis of phosphates and ammonium sulphates.

Ammonium superphosphate contains nutrients in the form of phosphorus and nitrogen.

Physical and chemical indicators:

Name of parameters



Granular of grey colour 

Mass fraction of assimilable phosphate (Р2О5), %, not less


Mass fraction of water-soluble phosphates, %, not less


Total nitrogen (N), %, not less


Water content, %, not more



mass fraction of granules:

less than 1 mm, %


from 1 to 4 mm, %


less than 6 mm, %


Static strength of granules, MPa (kgs/cm2), not less

3 (30)

Friability, %, not less


Note: excess of top limits of mass fractions of general phosphates and nitrogen is supposed.

Packing: Ammonium superphosphate is packed into four, six-layer paper bags by  TDS - 2226 of any marks except untreated bags providing safety of the product, open polyethylene bags by TDS-17811, polypropylene by  TDS-30090 in weight (40±1) or (50±1) pack into four, kg. The weight of each bag of one party should be identical.

Marks: mass, net, the product name, manufacturing date, party number, designation of the present specifications, designation of a sign on conformity or number of the certificate of conformity.

Transport marks – by TDS-14192 with handling instruction drawing «Protect from moisture», and sign on danger by TDS-19433, (class 9, under class 9.1, the classification code number 9163).

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