Fertilizer ameliorant

Specifications T S 00203743-8-2003

The present specifications extend on fertilizer ameliorant, obtained on a basis phosphogypsum and ammonium superphosphate.

Fertilizer ameliorant is applied to increase of fertility of solonetzic soils, with simultaneous reclaiming influence and contains phosphorus, nitrogen.

Packing: Fertilizer ameliorant is transported in bulk in covered railway cars, semi-cars and motor transport.

Fertilizer ameliorant is packed into four - six-layer paper bags in accordance with GOST 2226 of any marks providing safety of product, open polyethylene bags in accordance with GOST 17811, polypropylene bags in accordance with GOST  30090 with weight (40±1), (50±1) kg. The weight of each bag of one party should be identical.

Different ways of packing and product marks are supposed in coordination with the consumer.

Marks: Net weight, designation of the present specifications, designation of sign on conformity or number of the certificate of conformity.

Marks are put on bags by printing or a label with the specified marks sewn, paste or weld on a bag.

Transportation and storage: Fertilizer ameliorant is transported in bulk by rail and also by cars, tractor carts, according to rules of transportations of cargoes, related to the given type of transport.

At loading and unloading of fertilizer ameliorant and also at its storage the measures protecting it from pollution by extraneous impurity and also from humidifying should be taken.

Storage of fertilizer ameliorant is provided in the inddor warehouse excluding atmospheric precipitation.

Physical and chemical indicators:

Name of parameters



Продукт серого цвета

Mass fraction of assimilable phosphate (Р2О5), %, not less


Mass fraction of ammonia nitrogen, %


Mass fraction of calcium sulphate (CaSO4·2H2O), %, not less


Water content, %, not more


Size of particles, mm, not more


Friability, %, not less


Note: — exceeding of top limits of mass fraction of general phosphate and nitrogen is allowed.

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